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4 Stars


by Sydney Lyttle

Love, lust, betrayal, and murder everything needed for a scandalous novel. In her debut novel, Sydney Lyttle weaves a tale that will have you anticipating what will happen next. Chassidy Fondain “aka” Chass is a beautiful young fashionista who is in love with two men. El, her boyfriend is an investment banker at one of the top firms in New York. He is handsome and treats Chass the way a lady should be treated, with respect. His long work nights at the often office leaves Chass feeling alone. Chass enjoys the night life and she meets Shane, a well-respected drug dealer and well-known player, while out on the town with her best friend Sara.

Shane knows that Chass belongs to someone else. Chass tries to fight her feelings for Shane, but the attraction the two shares for each other is too hard to fight. Shane wants more and forces Chass to choose between the two. No matter whom she chooses someone will be hurt and Drama will follow!

Sydney Lyttle did a great job on her debut novel. Most of her characters are down to earth and reminded me of someone that I knew. I would have preferred her to be a little more descriptive when describing the characters instead of saying that they looked like a famous person. But over all this book is a very good read and it is hard to put down. I can’t wait to read the sequel.

Doris Blaine

Books and Beauty Reviewer

5 Stars

FROM A THUG 2 A MAN by Author C-Note is a suspenseful thriller. This book will take you through the lives of Qu'Ron childhood to adulthood. FROM A THUG 2 A MAN will take you through his family triumphs, struggles, the good and the bad.

Qu’Ron Smith is a young man growing up in a violent gang section in the city of Boston. As a young boy Qu’Ron learns certain lessons in life,young love, the loss of a parent, and the difficulties of growing up in the hood. Through Qu’Ron's teenage years he finds himself caught in a gang activity. Qu’Ron thinks this will help him make money to help his family make ends meet. Qu'Ron begins to make big mistakes and learns from his mistakes the hard way. Qu'Ron is indicted on federal charges and sent to a federal penitentiary. After his release from prison, Qu'Ron strives to become a better person. 

Will Qu'Ron get his life back together? Will he convert back to his old ways? Can one really turn away and get out of the drug selling game or will money keep calling?

I can answer these questions for you but I prefer for you to read it for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

This book was good from beginning to end and best of all the entire book has a message for all. The struggles and the triumphs, you will have you cheering for Qu'Ron to make it.

The storyline and scenes in this book is something that a lot of people will be able to relate to. I high recommend this book


Barbara Morgan

5 Stars

Review of Die Later by Rahiem Brooks

Author Rahiem Brooks has done it again. I have read each one of the author's books. If you have not read anything by Author Raheim Brooks you are missing out on some very good books

DIE LATER is book 2 of a series. The first book is Laugh Now. DIE LATER is a crime thriller.

DIE LATER continues with the story line of the Bezel brothers. The Bezel brothers are back at it again and involved in the trial of their lives. The Bezel brothers are unpredictable to say the least.

Andre' Bezel is a former drug dealer who committed crimes to stay on top of his game. Andre's tries to leave the drug game behind but a little too late. Andre' joins his brother in a crime of fraud and identity theft has lands Andre' in prison.

Kareem Bezel is a very intelligent young man and a very successful entrepreneur.

The story opens with one of the brothers committing robbery and one of the brothers landing in jail, while the other brother uses every tactics to free his brother. Also in jail is DEA Agent McKenzey from Laugh Now.

This book is packed with action. I love the way the story is weaved together. This novel has love story and crime mixed together. From page one this novel will capture your attention from the beginning to the end. The anticipation of not knowing what the brothers will do next. Whose paths will they cross? The story line takes place inside of a courtroom. You will feel like you are in the courtroom during the trial. Will the Bezel brothers come out on top? What will be revealed? How will DEA agent McKenzey effect their actions? Want to know the answers? Hurry what are you waiting for go purchase Laugh Now and Die

Later you will be glad you did.

If you love Walter Mosley novels you will love this series.

I was very impressed with the character development and non-stop action in this book. If you are looking for a page turner filled with dramatic effect and mystery this is the novel for you.

Thank you Author Rahiem Brooks for another well written novel.


Barbara Morgan

4 Stars

Review: From A Thug To A Man by Author C-Note

From a Thug to a Man’ is a gripping story of Qu’Ron Smith, a young man growing up in a violent gang-ridden section in the city of Boston. We begin with Qu’Ron as a young boy, learning certain child-hood lessons in life; to include young love, the loss of a parent, and the difficulties of growing up in the ‘hood’. We then follow Qu’Ron through his teenage years where he finds himself caught in a plethora of gang activity, doing what he can to help his family make ends meet. Qu’Ron soon learns the responsibilities associated with being the ‘man of the house’; and works endlessly to achieve triumph in that position.

This is the 1st time I have read a book by this author. This book has some interesting parts and the storyline flowed overall the book was good. It is a story ofa young man growing up in the hood and the choices he make growing up in his environment. I would like to read part 2 to see what the outcome was.

Books and Beauty Reviewer

L Greenleaf

ROMANCING THE M.D.--Maureen Smith

Harlequin Kimani/Romance

5 Stars

Review: ROMANCING THE M.D. is another great novel written by Maureen Smith. This is the 3rd novel in the Hopewell General Series tells the

story of Tamara St John and Victor Aguilar. Landing an internship at prestigious Hopewell General is a dream come true for Tamara St. John. She struggled hard to get where she is-and isn't about to risk it all because of arrogant Victor Aguilar. Tamara and Victor constantly lock horns, but the sinfully seductive doctor is driving her crazy.with

desire. Tamara knows that dating a colleague is a prescription for disaster. Until one stormy, passion-filled night.

Victor can have his pick of any woman. But he only has eyes for sweet, sultry Tamara. But when tragedy and trauma in the E.R. hit close to home, one false move could put everything they've ever worked for in jeopardy. It's time to stake his claim on Tamara's heart-with a passionate dose of forever. 

This is the best book in the series and my favorite thus far! Maureen outdid herself in this book! Tell me, can two outstanding high IQ Doctors love, compliment, but live without each other???? I think NOT!!!Totally HOT and full of LOVE and ROMANCE, with a twist of future Mother-in-Law drama who needs a reality check in diversity! LOL!!! I guess she didn't get the memo that "True Love" knows no color, ethnicity or race! The steam truly heats up the pages and magnifies this love and romance beyond the imagination! Maureen totally outdid herself and put her whole mind, soul, and body in this BOOK! WOW!!!!

I love this author and looking forward to reading more from her in the future

Books and Beauty Reviewer

Lisa Greenleaf


Harlequin Kimani/Arabesque

5 star

Review: Legacy of Love by Donna Hill is a great story on ones belief about family superstition passed onto the daughter who believes she has to break the family curse.

Superstition and crazy stories…that's how Zoe Beaumont views the unlucky-in-love history of her family. On their thirtieth birthday, the Beaumont women are said to come into a mysterious "sixth sense." And if they choose to give themselves fully to the wrong man, they lose not just their powers, but the family's good fortune.

Despite her doubts, Zoe has started having strange, intensely passionate dreams. Her fantasies feature a man who seems too perfect, too sexy, too mesmerizing to be real. Until, one rainy Atlanta evening, Zoe runs into Jackson Tremé. Their attraction is as overwhelming in person as it is in her dreams. Though all of her ancestors have tried and failed, can she overturn a legacy of heartache?

What an awesome love story! I read this book in about 3hrs kept anticipating what Weill happens next. Zoe and Jackson are characters you fall in love with and never forget. I enjoyed the honesty they shared. Jackson gave Zoe her space to make decisions and come into her own; no tricks or manipulations. He was a strong male hero without the overwhelming bravado. Zoe had the weight of the world on her shoulders. I enjoyed the ancestor and family history theme, it was so well done. The entire family and cast of friends added color and truth to the story.

I have read many romance books by Donna Hill and she has never disappointed me.

Books and Beauty Reviewer

L. Greenleaf

 5 Stars..

BOTH SIDES OF THE FENCE by MT Pope is a captivating story that will have you reading and not wanting to put down. You will laugh and have so many OMG moments. This book has it all scandal, seduction, secrets and lies.

James is a bi-sexual who has been hurt from previous lovers. James set out for revenge, using anyone that crosses his path to maintain his luxurious lifestyle. .James is very manipulative and conniving and will do anything to get what he wants.

Shawn is a married man with two children and a beautiful wife Mona. Shawn's sexual appetite is in the down low lifestyle. Unfortunately, Shawn and his family becomes James new target, as he weaves in web of lies, deception, and drama that unravels more secrets than you could ever imagine.

Mona has a secret she has been keeping from her husband as well. She suspects that Shawn is seeing another woman .Just when she feels things are going well between her and Shawn. Someone from her past comes into the picture and threatens to destroy her marriage.

Author M.T. Pope all I can say is WOW. I read this book in one day; once I started I just had to keep reading to see what was going to happen next. The story line was excellent and true. The characters were great. I love how each chapter was focus on a character. I loved how there were so many events that I did not see it coming.

M.T. Pope has talent and he did a good job with his novel Both Sides of the Fence. The story was entertaining; fast paced and held my attention from the first page. If you are looking for a good book with lot of drama. I highly recommend this book.


Barbara Morgan


 5 stars

Shelia Goss has done it again! Shelia introduces readers to a new side of her writing of a different genre. SAVANNAH'S CURSE is an action-packed ,romance, thriller adventure novel. SAVANNAH'S CURSE brings you action, danger, deception, death and desire......all wrapped in one novel.

Savannah's life changes as she finds her father, Major Blake dying. As Savannah comforts him in last moments of living, he tries to her clues to the identity of his killer. His dying request he asks Savannah to protect her sisters. Months have passed and the police still had no clues. The pain of losing their father has Savannah obsessed with finding his killer. She talks her sisters Montana and Asia into helping her. Savannah is strong woman with a strong will of determination. She is bound and determined to conquer this journey. 

Along this journey, Troy Bridges, Savannah's ex-boyfriend and a friend of her late father shows up. Troy has also made a commitment to help Savannah find the truth to her father's death. Troy is a security expert and also has secrets that he is keeping from Savannah. As the mystery of her father's death unfolds, it is hard for her to trust anyone. During the turns of events, the sisters become targets by the killer.

Just when you think you have figured it out, you are thrown for a loop. SAVANNAH'S CURSE will keep you on the edge of your seat. The twists and turns in this book is a pager turner to the very end.

I highly recommend this book to all readers. It has it all from mystery to romance.


Barbara Morgan

My Partner's Wife - 5 Stars

My Partner's Wife by Michael Glenn Yates is an exciting and unpredictable novel. This is the first novel I read by this author and will not be the last. I hope to read more from this author soon.

This book will keep you interested from beginning to end.


Barbara Morgan

Rate: 5 Stars

TWO FOR FIVE is the first novel written by author Lawrence D. Brown. This book is written in fictional form based on the author's true and personal experiences of hustling on the streets of Jamaica Queens, New York dealing with drugs.

The story involves three friends: Niko, Chase and Ming who have been friends since childhood. After serving 5 years in the state prison for armed robbery, Nico has returned home to his childhood friends, community, and comfort zone. Growing up together since they were small boys created a strong bond between the three of them. Although Nico has been out of circulation for a while, Chase and Ming hold a spot for him in the "business". Chase and Ming are trying to rise above the poverty of the streets and struggles of South Jamaica Queens in New York and are dealing in drugs. Working their "business" in this area offers high profits and Nico is easily drawn into the drug selling with his friends. Although the business is booming with the cash flow, their lifestyles are exploding with drama, violence, and murder. 

The story line is very well written and tells the reader the story from a person point of view. As you read TWO FOR FIVE you will be drawn into the events anxiously waiting to see what will happen next. This book is easy flowing and is a quick read.

Congratulations to author Lawrence D. Brown for a very impressive debut. TWO FOR FIVE is intense and so captivating that I could not put it down. The cover of the book fits the title of the book perfectly. This is a remarkable and conquering story that will keep you interested from the first page to the last one. This book is compelling and real. I would like to thank author Lawrence D. Brown for his courage to share his strives and struggles. I recommend this book to people of any age, color, and all "walks of life" because struggles hold no color, age or status. This book can help anyone focus to make better decisions.


Barbara Morgan

Memphis, TN

Rate: 4 Stars

This is a sequel to Project Queen. Author Teresa Patterson has done another excellent job.

Della a illegitimate daughter of Jimmy Byrts and Lorain Wilkerson, a strung-out drug addict. Della seeks the love that her mother, a mother who cares more for drugs than her own daughter could not give. Della suffers from tragic situations which blinds her to real love.

A night of partying and fun turns into horror and will changes Della forever. She vows to get vergene on her attackers.

Della's obsession on getting even with her attackers causes her to spiral out of control. 

WOW..Wait until you read what she does.........................

I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to all readers.


Barbara Morgan

Memphis, TN 

Rate: 5 Stars

Raunchy is a heartbreaking story of failed mother and daughter relationship. This was the first book I read by Author T. Styles and definite would not be the last. This book was so good it was hard to put down.

Cornell Phillips is a well known drug dealer, married to Estelle along with their five year old daughter. They live in quiet estate at Concord Manor. When at the tender age of five, Harmony is abruptly taken away from her home by her scorned mother, her world is rocked. Without her father's protection, she doesn't just lose her lavish lifestyle and father's love ,she also loses any chance of a normal and healthy life. 

Many years of mental and physical abuse from her mother, Harmony develops a seething hate toward all women, including herself. She develops into a cold, calculating, young and beautiful woman. Harmony is forced to relocate out of state. Her fast sexual lifestyle causes her to breed kids of her own. Harmony doesn't know how to love or show love to her children and teaches them as her mother treated her.

When Harmony discovers that she has inherited Concord Manor, she uproots her children from their new home in Texas, and moves them back to Maryland. Secrets come out within Concord's walls and somehow, her children gain the confidence they'll need to fight for their lives.

After reading Raunchy all I could say was WOW...this book was titled perfect. Raunchy will take you thru such emotions, you be left sitting with your mouth open.... Raunchy shows you when kids who become adults that were never showed any love or how to love what consquences it may hold. The author takes you straight to the core of the story within the first few pages. This book is filled with love, pain, betrayal and a lot of drama.

I would recommend this book to any book lover. This was the best I have read so far in the year 2011.

Barbara Morgan

Memphis, TN

Rate: 4 Stars

Dirty Divorce 2 by Miss KP is an EXCELLENT book. I read book 1 and couldn't wait for this book to come out.

This book has it all Sex, lies, Betrayl and loyalty all in on family..just when you think nothing else can happen..

Dirty Divorce 2 is certainly a page turner.

Dirty Divorce part 2 starts off with drama and violence as Rich learns that his son, Juan is dominating an industry where he used to be top dog. After grinding all his life, the fast money, and numerous women land Rich in a place where his only son has turned against him. For the first time in Rich's life, money can't solve the problem

I recommend this book. You will love it..


Barbara Morgan

Memphis, TN

Rate: 5 Stars

High Rollers Players and Angels by new author Mr. Gregory A Johnson is an excellent book If you love urban Fiction drama, this book has it all for you and more....

The book scene is fantastic, takes place in Memphis. The book cover fits the book title perfectly.

The characters are wonderful from their description to their role in the book.

High Rollers Players and Angles is of one man's dream to become the top in the streets of Memphis.

This book will have you turning the pages, waiting to to see what will happen next.

This book has it all from the players haters, scheming women, dirty cops, crooked bankers, hustlers, pimps, greed, the night life, gambling, drugs and sex.

I would recommend this book to all readers who love the drama action. With the characters in this book

This book would make a great book club discussion.

You wont be disappointed.


Barbara Morgan

Memphis, TN

  Book Rated 5 Stars

SELLOUT by James W. Lewis....WOW..what can I say. Once I started this book I did not want to put it down. The characters in Sellout are discovering the issues that come along with dating outside of their race. Tammy, Terrell, Penelope and Dedrick each learn the issues that can come with dating outside of your race.

Some call others sellout, but are you really ? Can one not love another of a different race? Can one love and deal with the issues that comes with it ? Love has no color, Love don't come easily. When Love comes I say go for it. Happiness matters more than what others think of you. This book will really make you think about prejudice. Prejudice comes in all colors, shapes and sizes.

Sellout takes interracial dating to another level. Readers will not see the twists coming, the suspense....I was like no..that did not happen. This book had me doing some thinking and laughing at times.

Sellout is a very entertaining novel and will keep you interested until the end. The characters were well developed. The writing was excellent

I highly recommend this book to all women and men. Book clubs this will make a great book discussion.


Barbara Morgan

Memphis, TN

Book Rated 5 Stars

This is my first book read by author Wanda Stanley and will not be my last. JOURNEY TO THE LAST RIVER is an inspirational romance story of ordinary people looking for love.

Nichelle is one of the main characters in this book. She is a strong and independent woman who can hold her own. She displays faith, courage and hope throughout this book. Nichelle makes use of her spare time and chats on the internet. She meets Kenny online. After months of chatting with Kenny, she decides to travel to California to see him. In her travel, Nichelle is befriended by two women. The first woman is Flora, an elderly lady, she meets at the airport. Nichelle meets Flora not knowing that the older woman's wisdom and knowledge would be a huge factor in her life. Nichelle also meets Kendra after her arrival in California. She becomes very close to both of them. Nichelle's initial visit was to meet Kenny face to face. But as different events unveiled so did Nichelle's expectations. Unexpected issues arrive when Nichelle meets Brian and his daughter Chyra. 

This story has it all....the search for love, ties that bind friendship, and as the love intensfies.....jealous rears its "ugly" head. As an attempted murder propels the plot, Nichelle is force to choose between love and revenge.

This book kept my interest and I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves romance, revenge, and drama wrapped up in one package. JOURNEY TO THE LAST RIVER would be a great book for a book club discussion.

Barbara Morgan

Memphis, TN

DELILAH - 5 Stars

DELILAH by author Shelia M. Goss is a thriller. It has action from the first page to the last one. As secrets are revealed, this book spirals out of control like a tornado. DELILAH is definitely a page turner. This book is filled with a combination of, hate, jealousy, deceit, guilt, revenge and betrayal. I could barely wait to read what was going to happen next.

Delilah is a businesswoman employed by Trust Enterprises, who has been assigned and highly paid to work a special assignment. Her initial mission is to get the real estate company the land that a church family owns and occupies. But as her mission unfolds Delilah begins to focus on the pastor of the church more than the church property. Delilah is full of style, confidence, and skills to get whatever and whoever she wants.....and she wants her pastor. Delilah also has issues with some of her childhood memories and her past lifestyle, that she would just love to leave in the past. So Delilah reaches out to her dedicated pastor, Samson Judges, for counseling.....among other things.

Samson Judges has it all..........He is the pastor of Peaceful Rest Missionary Baptist Church, who is loved and respected by his proud parents, his congregation, and his lovely financee, Julia. Samson knows his "soon-to-be" wife, Julia, will be a perfect, wholesome, "holier than thou" first lady....or is she as "wholesome" as she appears to be. Samson appreciates and loves his church members and refuses to sale the church property. But once Samson falls to temptation with one of his church members, he struggles with his secrets and plans to hold on to everything he has, by any means necessary.

DELILAH shows that secrets can destroy regardless of one's title, status, or personality. The ending to DELILAH is surprising and breath-taking. I commend author Shelia M. Goss for such an exciting book and look forward to reading more from her collections. Her writing skills to deliver clear and clean scenes are superb. I really enjoyed DELILAH and would recommend this book to everyone who enjoys excitement and suspense.

Reviewer - Barbara Morgan

Memphis, TN

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