Readers respect works that are professionally written and carefully edited. What if your readers can spot grammatical errors that you didn't know were there? What if they see holes in your logic? Or loose ends you forgot to tie up?
Every mistake in grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and overall organization; anything that trips up the smooth flow of ideas from you to your reader is a potential minefield. And enough errors can mean failure—no matter how hard you worked at getting your ideas across or how beautiful your published book may appear.
Book editingis a time-consuming process requiring education and skill. Getting the plot down on paper is one thing; getting it on paper so that everyone who reads it knows exactly what’s going on is something else. It takes editing to refine ideas, catch misused words, and make sure the grammar is immaculate. Book editors work long hours sorting out sentences that need restructuring, fixing verbs so they’re in the proper tense, and finding the right word to replace the one that’s just a little off.
That's why Books N Beauty Editing was created.  What reader would want to purchase an unedited book? Who wants to stumble through a story?
We want to see your book soar in price sales
We know what it takes polish a book until it shines, and we're willing to share our expertise with other writers.
Our prices range from $175.00 to $500.00 depending on the size of your book.
To discuss editing your book contact Regina Dobbins by email or phone.
Regina Dobbins
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